Borderlands, The

Population: 40,489 (35% Tumoi, 25% Anari, 10% Saxa, 10% dwarves, 10% frostborn, 5% taiga elves, 3% hearth elves, 2% engro)
Ruler: None (loose confederation)

The Borderlands were once a semi-civilized frontier land of rival Tuomi tribes. During the height of the Anari Empire, the region served as a frontier buffer zone, nominally controlled by Aspiria though labelled as Anari territory on maps. Vacated during the Blizzard War, settlers came back to grab land when the Hellfrost horde withdrew, constructing new settlements rather than rebuilding the devastated ruins.

No one people dominate the region, which has become a melting pot of different races and cultures thanks to disasters such as the Anari invasion, the rise of the Liche-Priest, and the Blizzard War. Although the Tuomi are the majority, the margin is very slim.
Trade is brisk, especially in the east, where the trade road from the Lakelands to Aspiria cuts through the region. Due to the trade road, many bands of bandits prowl the eastern reaches

Like others realms in the region, the Borderlands are made up of independent settlements with little or no allegiance to one another, except when [Orc|orcs]] and goblins threaten the realm. The nature of government in each settlement varies immensely.

Every settlement maintains its own army. Aside from Scayle, with its Dragon Guard, most settlements rely on only a small permanent army, usually no more than 100 men, and the militia to protect them. Most armies comprise missile troops supported by a small numbers of infantry. The current theory is that it is far better to stop attackers from reaching the walls of the settlements than engage them in face-to-face combat. Only in Giantwatch is their extensive infantry, all well-trained and equipped with long spear.

Much of the Borderlands comprise lightly forested hills, with two small mountain chains forming the highest points. The ground in the northeast and southwest descends rapidly toward Serpent Lake and the Drake Marsh, while in the west the descent is more gradual, as the ground gives way to the plains of the Battlelands.

Aurochs Hill
Caprun River
Hollow Mountains
Lakeflow River
Purple Hills
Silvercap Mountains


Borderlands, The

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