Population: 1,704
Ruler: Mormaer Grith “Mead-drinker” Fidaich
Religion: Kenaz, Ertha, Tiw, Sigel
Imports: Iron, meat, timber
Exports: Armor, weapons

Giantwatch was constructed after the Blizzard War, when frost giants, long thought defeated, again began raiding the region. Although no giants have raided the land in generations, beastmen dwell in the surrounding hills in large numbers, and orcs and goblins sometimes launch raids from the Iceblade Mountains.

The west road out of Giantwatch crosses the Bladerun River by way of a wooden bridge. A series of pegs allows the bridge to be collapsed during an attack, though since
the winters have hardened, most intelligent attackers would simply wait to cross the ice-coated river elsewhere.

From a distance, it seems as if the town is burning, such is the plume of smoke from the large number of charcoal burners and smithies. Day and night, the town
reverberates with the sound of metal on metal, as imports of iron are forged into armor and weapons.

Grith Mead-drinker, the hereditary ruler, claims he can trace his ancestry back to before the Blizzard War, when his kin were powerful chieftains. Since he took control 12 years ago, he has instituted compulsory militia training for all males capable of holding a spear, sending his troops on raids deep into the Aurochs Hills to keep beastmen numbers down.

Grith sees Giantwatch as an oasis of civilization in an otherwise chaotic land, and he intends to keep it that way. His laws are fair, but punishments are harsh.


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