Titles: The Black Queen, Supreme Necromancer, Lady of Decay, the Unholy Witch, the Mummified Lady, Vampire Queen, Lifestealer, the Soul Collector, Opener of the Gates.
Aspects: Death, corruption, decay, darkness, evil, undead.
Symbol: A clenched, mummifi ed fist.
Priesthood: Death Lords or Ladies (priests); Death Knights (paladins).

Hela is the former goddess of death. She judged souls before they entered the afterlife, and guarded the Gates of the Dead, stopping souls from escaping, and turning back those not ready for the afterlife. After her betrayal, the souls she unleashed began worshipping Hela as their
god, and her transformation into the God of Undeath was complete. As befi ts her aspects, she is depicted as a skeletal fi gure wrapped in a funerary shroud.

Although undoubtedly an evil goddess, Hela is not popular with the other dark powers. The souls in the Abyss belonged to Niht, Vali, and the demon lords, and Hela’s act as much betrayed them as it did the good gods, for it robbed them of many followers.

Hela’s public shrines in civilized lands have been sup planted by those of Scaetha. Shrines within the Withered Lands are dedicated to her new aspects, bedecked in the skulls of sacrifi cial victims, and stained with the blood of countless innocents. Temples to Hela may exist, but few sane folks have entered the Withered Lands in the last few decades, and even fewer have returned. Worshipping Hela grants no safe passage in the lands of the undead unless one has the power to defend oneself.


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