Population: 940
Ruler: Mayor Aran Hroarsson
Religion: Ullr, Eostre
Imports: Salt
Exports: Cheese, horn, leathergoods, meat

Hjorn is a small town on the edge of the Aurochs Hills. Farmland is scarce, and even planting hardy, root vegetables is hard work. Most of the citizens are carnivorous, eating nothing but aurochs fl esh seasoned with a few herbs. Excess meat is salted and then sold to merchants, as is aurochs cheese. Much of the industry in town is geared toward this trade. Horners (crafters who use horn) produce exquisite drinking vessels, inlaid with gold and silver.

Up until 50 years ago, Hjorn exported a great deal of its meat to Glaston. Now trade flows through the Lake-lands, business has slumped, though the rich cheese is proving popular in Aspiria. Some hunters are even talking of trying to domesticate aurochs, or at least breed them with regular, less aggressive cattle.

Though an elected official, the mayor has aspirations of nobility and likes to be addressed as “jarl.” Most folks go along to humor him. In recent years they have begun
telling visitors that Aran is distantly related to the kings of Sutmark (figuring no one from Sutmark would ever come here), thus adding to his delusion when foreigners
call him “lord.”

The Everfull Horn: Hjorn’s only inn serves a variety of beverages, including fermented aurochs’ milk. Mounted above the bar in the main drinking area is a huge aurochs horn. Measuring a yard and a half long and hollowed out, it is said that if any man can fill the horn with ale and drink it dry without pausing for breath he will be blessed by Eostre.

The horn is considered a blessed relic by the locals, and it is used in all celebrations to Eostre and Ullr. Each participant takes a mouthful of ale to honor the gods and show his bond with his neighbors. When used in this manner, the entire populace can each drink a mouthful without having to refill the vessel, such is its magic.


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