Titles: The All Knowing, the Font of Knowledge, Wise One, Revealer of Secrets, Loregiver.
Aspects: Knowledge, literacy, scribes, historians, re-vealing secrets.Symbol: An open book.
Priesthood: Gray Sages (priests); Seekers of Knowl-edge (paladins)

Hoenir is revered for teaching mankind how to build and sculpt, how to use fi re, and how to read and write. As well as scribes, skalds, antiquarians, and sages, he is also worshipped by explorers, diviners, soothsayers, accountants, and tomb robbers (alongside his wayward brother, Nauthiz).

Statues of him show an elderly, bearded man, holding a book under his left arm.

Temples are referred to as Libraries, and every temple has its sacred library, which serves as both a place of study and as the main area of worship. All manner of books, from poems to diaries donated by visitors, trea-ties on warfare to books on the darkest desires of man, are all on open display, for Hoenir teaches that all knowl-edge should be freely available. Shrines are uncommon, though any establishment where knowledge is required often has a statue of Hoenir or at least an engraving of his holy symbol.


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