Titles: The Balance, the Sword of Justice, the Blind God, Oath Sealer, the Impartial One.
Aspects: Justice, law, order, conformance, truth.
Symbol: Scales balanced on a sword tip.
Priesthood:* Scales of Justice (priests); Swords of Truth (paladins).

Hothar is depicted with empty eye sockets. In his left hand he holds a sword and in his right a book of laws. Many outsiders question this arrangement. Hothar’s teachings hold that the law must come fi rst and retri-bution and punishment second. Thus, Hothar holds his sword in his weaker hand.

Hothar accepted being blinded by his fellow gods so he would not be swayed in his judgments by looks or bribes. Instead, Hothar would listen only to the words of those he judged and would see only the guilt or innocence within their soul.

Although he spends much of his time settling disputes between the gods, he also aids Scaetha in judging the souls of the departed. Unswayable by any trickery, Hothar can see the stains on a mortal’s soul with a cursory glance, and is quick to reveal his findings.


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