Population: 2,735
Ruler: Trade council
Religion: Var, Eira, Ertha, Kenaz, Eostre
Imports: Glass, gems, gold, silver, wine
Exports: Clothing, healing water, jewelry, timber

Ludogov stands on a crossroads and functions as a minor trading town. A range of crafters sell their wares to merchants heading along the routes, and Ludogov woollenware is extremely popular for its comfort and warmth. A complete set of winter clothing costs 250gs, but weighs only 5 pounds.

The town is governed by an elected council, made up of master crafters. Each guild holds one seat, and guild members are elected by their peers. By tradition, the highest-ranking priest of Eira, Eostre, and Var all receive an automatic seat on the council. The most important seat is actually held by a common citizen, elected by the masses to ensure the guilds do not abuse their power. The Citizen Elect, as he or she is known, is the only council member with the power of veto.

Eira’s Spring: A natural hot spring first attracted settlers to Ludogov, and many nobles would come from far and wide to take the waters, which had minor healing properties. Nowadays the spring is inside a temple to Eira (with shrines to Ertha and Kenaz), and admission for one day costs a silver scield for peasants and a gold scield for those of wealth.[Anyone who bathes in the spring for four days gains +1 to their Natural Healing roll at the end of the period. Drinking a pint of the mineral rich water counts as half a pound of food and gives a +1 bonus to avoid falling asleep. Each pint costs 2 gs.]


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