Titles: Thief Lord, the Reaching Hand, Purveyor of Wealth, the Supreme Collector, Tomb Raider, the Silent One, the Enricher, Lord Luck, the Hand of Fate, Old Snake Eyes.
Aspects: Thievery, chance, stealth, concealment.
Symbol: An open doorway.
Priesthood: Purveyors (priests); Tomb Raiders (paladins).

Nauthiz is the patron of thieves, tomb robbers, gamblers, and happy-go-lucky souls. Hoenir and Var are his brothers. When statues to him are created, which is not often, they show a cowled figure with a handful of coins in his left hand and a pair of dice in the other.

The priesthood of Nauthiz doesn’t broadcast its exis tence. Most cities have outlawed the cult, imposing harsh punishments on clergy caught in the act of thievery. As such,temples tend to be rather small, and are usually located in sewer systems or rundown parts of town where the town guard rarely patrols. Many change locations on a regular basis to prevent captured thieves from revealing its whereabouts.

Priests tend to act as guildmasters or operate in settlements, though some run gambling houses. Paladins are expected to rob tombs, often protected with magic and mundane traps. Some paladins offer their services as security advisors, telling merchants and nobles how best to protect their assets. Nauthiz doesn’t mind this, so long as his clergy are well paid for their knowledge. Although driven by greed, the clergy also seek out supposedly theft proof tombs as a reminder that nothing remains inviolate forever.


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