Titles: The Everfull Jug, the Turbulent One, the Tor-rent, Lord of the Seas.
Aspects: Lakes, rivers, sea, sailors, water.
Symbol: A jug pouring out water.
Priesthood: Navigators (priests); Marines (paladins)

Neorthe commands all the waters of the world, be they rivers, oases, or oceans. Like the waters, the deity can be calm and benevolent one moment, and destructive and malevolent the next. His image is of a bearded man with seaweed for hair. When shown in full form, rather than just a torso, he has a fi sh’s tail instead of legs.

Neorthe is one of the four elemental gods. Only mariners and fi sherman worship him directly, though farmers pay him annual homage so he will give his brother Thunor enough water to sprinkle on their crops, but not so much it drowns them.

Shrines to Neorthe can be found on all ships, and many sailors carry small images of the god to protect them should they fall into the sea. Some springs, especially hot springs, have shrines near by, and roads following the course of major rivers may also have small shrines along them. Most bridges are engraved with his symbol to ensure the god doesn’t take offense at their presence.

Traditionally, any new ship, whether it is a rowboat or a vast warship, is blessed by a Navigator to ensure good luck and to appease Neorthe’s wrathful nature.


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