Titles: The Concealer, Nightlady, Mistress of Darkness, Backstabber, the Creeping Shadow, the Black Blade, the Unseen One.
Aspects: Assassins, darkness, concealment, keeping of secrets, secret murder.
Symbol: A swirl of black on a gray background.
Priesthood: Shadowlords (priests); Black Blades (paladins).

Lady of darkness and all that lurks within the shad-ows, Niht is a goddess of evil intention. Clergy of Hoenir consider her especially vile, as she directly opposes their deity. Lorekeepers, even those who do not follow Hoenir, also consider Niht’s followerssworn enemies. Statues depict a female form, but one devoid of any features.
Regardless of the material used in their construction, statues are always stained black.

Temples to Niht are constructed underground or in blackened rooms. Bringing light into a temple is considered an act of desecration, and no expense is spared in hunting and punishing down the perpetrators. Shrines are uncommon, and when they do exist, they are typically found in caves in the wilderness, where local worshippers can gather in secret, away from the prying eyes of curious neighbors.

Niht’s paladins are assassins for hire. Although numerous assassins’ guilds exist, those who can afford the fee always elect to use the church of Niht. Priests are usually more concerned with the destruction of knowledge and keeping secrets. Rather perversely, many act as confessors to powerful individuals who trust their darkest secrets will die with the priest, and yet cleanse their soul of any taint through confession. Clergy have been
known to aid the Reliquary at times, for they seek only to remove knowledge from the public eye, not gather it for their own use.


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