Orcs are savage, gray-skinned humanoids with bestial faces and dark hair. Contrary to popular beliefs they cannot see any better than humans in poor lighting, despite their preference for dwelling underground—orcs in Hellfrost do not have the Infravision special ability.

Orcs are tribal creatures, led by powerful chieftains backed up by a loyal bodyguard and usually the tribe’s priest. A typical tribe has around 300 warriors, though tribes as large as 1000 warriors have been reported in the deep mountains. When raiding, orcs operate in warbands of between 20 and 50 members.Despite their reputation for savagery, orcs have a good grasp of tactics, even producing their own siege engines.

When the weather and terrain permit, orcs make use of ice rigger ships and sledges pulled by dire wolves. As well as warriors, many tribes boast a variety of specialist orcs, such as berserks, drummers, and scouts.

Snow orcs are similar in appearance to regular orcs, but have white hair. They inhabit the higher mountains, above the treeline and the colder climes to the north. Snows orcs are equipped with furs and boot spikes


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