Population: 1,676
Ruler: Hearthkeeper Maltham Ashcloak
Religion: Kenaz, Eostre, Sigel
Imports: Iron, weapons
Exports: Timber

Pohst is a logging town, relying on the timber of Witchwood for its survival. Since the Ice Queen took control of the forest, attacks against loggers have increased dramatically, and Ashen Blades escort the heavily armed workers.

Witchwood’s rapid expansion is threatening the existence of the town. Loggers fight a continual battle, felling trees within 100 yards of their homes to avoid losing their town. Large swathes around the town are regularly cleared by axe and fire, only to regrow within a few months.

Until around 80 years ago, a hereditary baron ruled Pohst. As soon as it became apparent Witchwood’s expansion would engulf the town, the citizens overthrew the baron and set themselves up as a theocracy, ruled by the senior priest of Kenaz.

Frostborn and hrimwisards are banned from the town on penalty of death by burning, and even taiga elves and frost dwarves receive a poor welcome.


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