Titles: Firestarter, Lord of Volcanoes, Flame Cloak, the Burning One, Soot-Face, Hearthwarmer.
Aspects: Fire, hearths, volcanoes, flame.
Symbol: A pile of red-hot coals.
Priesthood: Hearthkeepers (priests); Ashen Blades (paladins)

Kenaz is the elemental god of fi re, though his father, Sigel, has dominion over the sun. Like his father, Kenaz is a fierce opponent of the Hellfrost inhabitants, especially followers of the upstart Thrym. Kenaz is also a close ally of Ertha, providing the heat her smiths need to work metal. He is depicted as a black-skinned, bearded man, with red or orange hair.

Kenaz’s temples always have a sacred flame at the center. Novices within the order are required to ensure this sacred flame is never extinguished. Any creature daring to snuff out the flame is marked for death by slow roasting over hot coals.

Regardless of the weather, Kenaz’s temples are always warm, kept this way by scores of roaring fires. In some settlements, the priests allow the homeless to sleep in the temple vestibule at night, out of the biting winds that wrack the land.


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